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A Photo of Gabe and Justin Bieber at the South America Tour 2011 is featured on Biebers new book “Just Getting Started”. Next to the Photo is the text “Justin joking around with Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship”! Thanks to my friend Melissa for the scan!

@victoriajasher: @zackcloudhall has better moves than I do.

American indie-pop band The Cataracs posted on their Facebook that they are working with Gabe! Awesome News. I hope it’s for a new Cobra Starship record. Are you excited about that?

Working w/ Gabe from Cobra Starship today. Really cool dude. He’s like 6’4 and with his hair 6’8

The Photos have been posted by Gabe.

Photo 1: Hollywood Saporta Saturday afternoon twerk
Photo 2: Black Moses x Jewish Jesus
Photo 3: Santi + Gabanti #truth

Finally! In April this year Gabe and Cobra Starship member Alex Suarez visited the TV Channels ‘Music Choice’ and ‘SWRV TV’ for an Interview for the show “The F Word” (which gives you the inside scoop on what it’s like to be famous — and everything that comes with it and how the artists handle it). Music Choice has uploaded a short (preview) Video of the show. As soon as the full video is online, I’ll post it on UGS.

Photo 1: Leave the boy alone! He’s trynna cook!
Photo 2: Feeeeeed me!