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Well Gabes Birthday is on Thursday but he celebrated it with some friends at the LIV Nightclub in Miami yesterday. Check out the Photos he and Ryland posted on their Instagrams.

A few weeks ago, 16-year-old Paulina performed ‘You Make Me Feel’ at the NBC show “The Voice” and got picked by Christina Aguilera for her Team Christina. Here is the studio version of Paulinas version of YMMF – which you can officially buy on iTunes. And let’s forgive her the mistake of singing La instead of Na.

“Every time I step up in the building everybody hands go up”

I’ve found this comment from Outasight about Gabe on “Collegian” – he made it after the Penn State performance on Oct 3.

“I’m good friends with Gabe and we have done shows before,” Outasight said, “I have a bigger hip-hop influence than Cobra Starship but we both share that ‘dance-pop’.”

Gabe will be featured on Outasights new album, which is coming in November.

This Photo was made at the University of Maryland yesterday (Oct 5) by @francescaBIZ

It’s hard to be the creepiest character on “Gossip Girl,” but Cobra Starship and former Midtown frontman Gabe Saporta’s portrayal of Zeke — the sketchy drug dealer who starts macking on Serena’s neck after hanging her a bottle of coke — certainly earns him that honor. “I’m not really a cocaine-peddling slimeball; I just play one on TV,” Saporta tweeted after the episode aired. Good to know, Gabe. It was a short role that will hopefully never be reprised, but it’s still making our skin crawl.

Source: Billboard

Cobra Starship and Outasight are currently on College Tour for ‘TruthLIVE’. Yesterday they performed at the University of Maryland and of course kept us entertained with some funny Instagrams.

If you love to play ‘Just Dance’ and can’t wait for part 4 to be released (Oct 9) you better read following text! According to a press release ‘You Make Me Feel’ will be available for Just Dance 4 on an exclusive download!

Consumers aged 13 and older will be able to unlock two music tracks on the Wii(TM) system from Nintendo and Microsoft Kinect(TM) for Xbox 360® versions of the game by using unique nine-digit alpha-numeric codes found on specially marked Cheetos flavored snacks, while supplies last.
Cobra Starship’s Billboard hit “You Make Me Feel” track featuring Chester Cheetah dancing within the game is available through codes found on Cheetos Crunchy Cheese, Cheetos Crunchy Flamin’ Hot and Cheetos Crunchy Salsa Con Queso flavored snacks.
Fans can also unlock Anja’s “Brand New Start” track by redeeming codes found on the Cheetos Puffs Cheese and Cheetos Smoked Cheddar flavored snacks. These two exclusive tracks will be available from October 9 until December 31, 2012.

To unlock the download you have to enter your code here.

So mark October 9 on your calendar, buy Just Dance 4 and some Cheetos stuff and download YMMF :)

This Photo was made at the Soundcheck for yesterdays performance at the University of Virginia.

BTW: Danny Hutto commented on the Photo writing “those pajama pants” – that’s where I got the idea for the title from.