“So This #1Nite” (from June 22 – July 10)

Gather round we have a story to tell, but we need your help!

We want to create the craziest, most random #1Nite story, but we have a massive case of writers block. All we have so far is “So this #1Nite…”

Help us write the rest of it! There are two ways to get in on the action:

1. Tweet @CobraStarship finishing the sentence: “So this #1Nite…” (you must include #1Nite in your tweet)
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Each morning, we’ll pick our favorite sentence and add it to the ongoing story. If we pick your entry, you’ll be entered to win the grand prize! What is the grand prize? Well, not only will you win a Cobra shirt of your choice from our webstore, BUT you’ll also get your very own copy of the story signed by us! That’s right, at the end of contest, we’ll turn the ultimate #1Nite story into an actual book with illustrations and everything! Get creative Cobras, let’s make this #1Nite a story we’ll never forget!


Our Favorite Looks From Cobra Starship’s ‘#1nite’ Video

Let’s just all agree that the weekend has officially arrived early, thanks to Cobra Starship and their amazingly addictive dance anthem “#1nite.” Originally released way back in June ’11, the band has outdone themselves- yes, again-with an updated version of the pop jam and a brand new video. Featuring emerging Canadian singer My Name Is Kay on vocals along with Starship frontman Gabe Saporta, the vid just premiered yesterday on MTV. It’s filled with road trips, summer loving, and a major gas station dress up party. Check out the best looks…

The dynamic duo hits the local gas station for a round of dress up (don’t question it), sporting tacky-kitsch clothes like Hawaiian t-shirts, day-glo colored blouses, and a crazy feathered headdress (culturally insensitive collar tug). Gabe’s orange tropical top and printed hat are definitely WAY different from his signature slim suits and vintage jackets, but they’re totally in sych with the whole Hawaiian print trend AND snapback resurgence happening right now. Gotta admit- we’re digging it. Kay’s trying on a traffic-stopping tangerine blouse, which she totally works (or should we say, werks) later in the video. Hello ’80s throwback!

The ’80s-inspired madness continues in Las Vegas when the couple stages in impromptu rooftop dance party. Kay’s rocking a cropped turtleneck, high-waisted shorts, and serious bling. We love how she’s channeling her inner Gwen Stefani with a front hair roll- can we bring back this retro fabulous look, please? P.S. If you want to copy Kay’s reto-glam look yourself, hit up your local American Apparel…. we just did, and they’ve got both the crop top AND the shorts in stock! On the guy front ,Gabe looks a little more like the dude we know and love in a blue and white polka dot button-down, a navy jacket (collared popped, obviously) and skinny white pants.

Source: MTV Style


Gabe talks playing at Pop Music Festival in Brasil

Gabe had a short Interview with the site yesteen.com.br. I am sorry if there are any mistakes in the translation….

YT: Are you excited to play at the Pop Music Festival? Will there be a cameo appeareance?

GS: Yes, I am really excited to play in São Paulo! I think there won’t be any special guest at our performance.

YT: J.Lo and Kelly Clarkson will be at the Festival too, do you like their music?

GS: Yes sure! I really like J.Lo!

YT: What do you think about brasilian Fans?

GS: I think brasilian Fans have a lot of energy and passion. It will be our third time in Brasil and I am really excited about that.

YT: You plan to have a DJ-Set at a Nightclub in Sao Paulo?

GS: That would be awesome! Last year I had one in a Nightclub with thousands of people and they all had fun. So maybe I have the opportunity to do it this time again.


Cobra Starship coming to Shephard’s Beach Resort

Radio station 93.3 FLZ, is planning to make it an Independence Day to remember. This July 4, they’re bringing Cobra Starship to Shephard’s Beach Resort in Clearwater Beach for “Rat & Puff-A-Palooza,” along with lesser popsters Outasight and Sammy Adams (click the Flyer for full size). Tickets, according to Shephard’s, are $10, and you can get ‘em right here. (You can also get tickets for $5 if you buy them in person at Shephard’s on June 24 or July 1.)

For Cobra Starship, it’s the latest in a series of unconventional gigs. From spinning at the Hard Rock to opening the 93.3-FLZ Jingle Ball to playing for graduating high schoolers at Busch Gardens, we’re starting to wonder if they’ll play another “normal” concert in Tampa Bay ever again.

Source: Tamba Bay Times