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@TweetMattLevine posted a Photo on his Instagram writing “happy birthday @itsadambraun with @scooterbraun @gabrielsaporta at @petalumanyc

Trick or Treat


Gabe has shared 4 Instagrams and a Twitter video about the flood that Hurricane Sandy brought in. I have to admit that it looks really scary and as I just heard on TV (7 a.m. MET) 5 people have died! Plus a lot of New Yorkers are currently without power, cable and/or internet connection…

Photo 1: ‘Dudes, your dogs are not psyched to be outside right now’
Photo 2: ‘Someone forgot to take their truck off the pier. That first pier is already under water’
Photo 3: ‘Last view of the west side highway before the sun went down’
Photo 4: ‘Water creepin up’

Members on AbsolutePunk.net had the chance to submit some Questions for a ‘Staff Interview’ and one member submitted a pretty weird Question with/about Gabe…

“If a train leaves Jason Tate’s house at 79 mph, and another leaves Anton’s house at 67 mph, how long will it take to post that interview with Gabe Saporta?”

Thomas: I have no clever answer to this question, but I laughed at it.

Blake: I think Anton got married, or is about to get married, but either way, congrats to probably this site’s greatest member.

Adam: We have it coming, with 4 hours of bonus features.

Drew: As long as that train takes us to Rohan’s place, probably 10 thorough listens to Midtown’s Living Well Is The Best Revenge.

Jason Tate: I wish I knew what ever even happened with this … heh. Shit, I needa type up my Ryan Key interview before I can talk.

Gabe was already featured on the AP Magazine back last month and he is featured on the November issue again.

Photo found on howcanyousmile.tumblr.com.

Gabes girlfriend Erin Fetherston posted a Photo on her Twitter writing “My very special dinner guests @gabrielsaporta and the beautiful Koala-She likes Pinot noir!