William Beckett: “Gabilliam mostly untrue”

skip to 2:20 (Q: “Favorite tour prank?”) for the story of a prank he did on a Midtown show and skip to 3:36 (Q: “Favorite rumour you’ve ever heard about yourself?”) for him talking about Gabilliam.


Cobra Starship Interview: Mario Lopez and his bag of snakes

Would you ever consider putting Mario Lopez and a bunch of snakes in the same sentence? Cobra Starship would. Gabe and Alex chat with @Jordans_life about their new single “#1Nite” and what better idea was it to actually add in the hashtag, for Twitter — duh! Gabe mentions that the music video has a road trip vibe with My Name Is Kay (who features on the track) that was influenced by one of his favourite 90s movies, “True Romance.”


Pop Music Festival Setlist and Live Videos

Here is the Setlist from the performance in São Paulo.

Good Girls Go Bad
Nice Guys Finish Last
Fool Like Me
Hot Mess
Kiss My Sass
My Moves Are White (White Hot, That Is)
You Belong to Me
Wet Hot American Summer
Smile for the Paparazzi
Barbara Streisand / You Make Me Feel

‘Good Girls Go Bad’

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Cobra Starship dances “Ai se eu te pego”

The band Cobra Starship was the second performer at the Pop Music Festival in Anhembi (São Paulo) yesterday, June 23.

This is the third time they’re doing concerts in Brazil and the band members insisted to show their affection to the brazilian crowd. During the song “Fool Like Me”, the lead singer Gabe Saporta took a brazilian flag and stirred all the people.

The Uruguayan performed the dance moves of Michel Telós “Ai se eu te pego” and João Lucas and Marcelos “Eu quero Tchu, Eu quero Tcha”, driving everyone crazy.

The guitarist Ryland Blackinton took the opportunity to throw his charm to the brazilian girls. “Girls, is so nice to meet you”, he said in Portuguese.

Also, Gabe told a backstage story. “Are you excited to see Kelly and J.Lo? I am! I fell in love with J.Lo when I was a little boy”, he said.
 “When she hugged me in the dressing room, I felt so loved. Just like the first time I played in Brazil”, he concluded.

The band finished the show with their new single, “#1Nite” and “You Make Me Feel…” – which made people gettin’ out of the floor – literally.

Source: band.com.br
Translation: Mariana (Thank you <3)


TodaTeen Interview

Cobra Starship – We’ve talked to Gabe, their lead singer, about the concerts in Pop Music Festival

Nice, funny and considerate: these are the three adjectives that describe so well the lead singer of Cobra Starship, Gabe. At least, that was the impression I had while interviewing him by phone. He talked about the concerts in São Paulo (June 23) and in Rio (June 27), beyond his love for Brazil. After the conversation, I’m a bigger fan of the band now. Check out the interview and tell me: isn’t he lovely or not?

TT: Let’s talk a little about the expectations of playing here in Brazil again.

GS: Every time I play in Brazil, it’s so good that goes far beyond the expectations, so, I try not to have them anymore. I’m so excited to play here again, I love this country, the last time we came was for a small concert and we had a big crowd, always dedicated, so, it always goes beyond expectations.

TT: Are you going to have free time to visit some places here?
GS: Yes! I’m so excited for that. We’re going to have six or seven free days, it’s enough time to walk around. I wanna go to the beach.

TT: What’s your best memory from the last time you came?
GS: I remember that we opened Justin Bieber’s concert and there was a party in Rio, a very good one. We had lots of fun!

TT: Do you speak something in portuguese?
GS: I know how to say “obrigado (thanks)”, “você quer (from the song “Você quer?” by Mulher Melão – it means “Do you wanna?”)”, I don’t know how to say “sorry” in Portuguese…

TT: It’s “Desculpe”
GS: Desculpe? Oh yeah, so I know some things because my Spanish is good, so, it makes some sense to me.

TT: Do you know that you have lots of fans here? The song “You Make Me Feel…” has been a hit for a long time…
GS: Wow, that’s something amazing to hear! So nice, it isn’t always that we have the chance to know this kind of information. Brazil is really special to us. When we play here, the fans’ reaction is amazing; it’s very exciting to us.

TT: You’re going to play in a festival with Kelly Clarkson, J. Lo and Michel Teló. The crowd will be very miscellaneous. What do you think about it?

GS: We were talking about it the other day, when I was asked the same thing. I believe that it’s super important for the band. We never wanted to be a labeled band that fits in one style, you know? We wanted to be able to play in festivals like that, with a mixed audience, and at the same time, to incorporate different sounds to ours. Because it gives us the ability to play to everyone around the world. We did a concert in Guatemala and it worked a lot, and so we can do it also in Vegas, more an electronic thing. It’s important to us as a band.

TT: Your vídeos are always really fun. How far goes your participation while thinking about the videos?
GS: It’s something big, we interact a lot! In our most recent video, “#1Nite”, I wanted it to be about those unforgettable nights. Well, the song is called “#1Nite”, so I had the idea of making a really joyful one, funny, that was in a party, a club…I had myself inspired by the movie “True Romance”, with Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette, by its style, clothes…Our video has a big influence by this movie.

Source: TodaTeen
Translation: Mariana (thank you <3)