RamJam at Colorado State University

Cobra Starship performed at the Colorado State University for ‘RamJam’ yesterday. Thank you Taylor for the Photo! The full size of this Photo can be found in the Gallery :)

>>> Gallery Link: Performances > 2012 > RamJam

1. Good Girls Go Bad
2. Nice Guys Finish Last
3. Hot Mess
4. Fool Like Me
5. Kiss My Sass (All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled intro)
6. My Moves Are White (White Hot, That Is)
7. Wet Hot American Summer
8. Middle Finger
9. Smile for the Paparazzi
10. #1Nite
11. Pleasure Ryland (Encore)
12. You Make Me Feel (Encore)

EDIT: I’ve uploaded another RamJam Performance Picture. Hope more will be up soon :)


New Twitter Profile Picture

His new Profile Picture is from the “Italian mens vogue”, hopefully there’ll be all the Photos and the (complete) Magazine Scan up soon…


Playing Diana Vreeland’s ‘Why Don’t You’ Game

Gabe Saporta: “Why don’t you stop being an asshole? That’s always the first thing, because that’s what I ask myself every day, Why don’t you stop being an asshole? Why don’t you wear one of those hats with two beer cans on either side that you can drink from? Why don’t you drink from your hat?”

Source: NY Mag


Instagram: Gabes new suit

Gabe has posted a new Instagram writing “Just got my new @knottstandard suit fitted @seventhhouse w/@alivalenti1. Peak lapel, single pleat, & cuffed pants. Can’t be half a gangster anymore.


Breathe Carolina talks Cobra Starship

Breathe Carolina will be the opening band for Cobra Starship at the RamJam concert tomorrow (Sep 15). collegian.com has asked them about the Cobras and they said

“We’ve actually done a few college shows with Cobra and they are the best. Super cool dudes and Gal. I’m sure we’ll both get the place turnt up!”


Gabe talking with tattoo artist Ami James

observer.com reported that they spotted Gabe and Tattoo Artist Ami James (‘Miami Ink’) talking at a Party, sadly they are no pictures.

Quirkiness advertised runs the risk of cancelling itself out—after all, what could be more commonplace than clamoring for attention? To catch a glimpse of naked oddity one had to peek from unexpected angles, the only way to register, for instance, the tattoo of a cat on the ankle of Cobra Starship’s Gabe Saporta. Mr. Saporta, appropriately enough, was engrossed in conversation with Ami James, arguing that to be eccentric meant “never having to think about what it means,” never having to reduce it to a “label.”

At the end of the article they added this (super cute) ‘fact’ about Gabe and Erin:
Mr. Saporta chose his girlfriend Erin Fetherston, “because in her spare time she’s a unicorn.”



Gabes Assistent Caiti Beth has posted the October Tourdates of Cobra Starship! Make sure to get a Ticket to any concert below :)

9/29 – HOFSTRA
9/30 – Bowling Green State University
10/3 – Penn State
10/4 – University of Virginia – Charlottesville
10/5 – University of Maryland – College Park
10/6 – University of Tennesee – Knoxville
10/7 – Florida International University
10/11 – Clemson University (South Carolina)