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The american Band ‘Sol Fusion‘ covered “You Make Me Feel” at the Gravediggers Ball 2012 on Oct 27 – Cobra Starship performed there last year. What do you think about it?

“It’s got an extra layer of synths to make it both turbo-charged and a little more dreamier…in other words, we love it.” – Nylon

“I can’t exactly place my finger on what genre the remix but one thing is for sure, this remix is designed to crush the dance floor.” – Fresh New Tracks

“The remix is designed to crush the dance floor, & uh… keep the girls moving.” – Brolic Beats

“This is a sick remix from Cobra Starship! Get to moving with this track and wait for the drop because thats when you will get up and dance!” – Future Swag

Gabe is featured on the new Glamour Kills Lookbook Winter 2012. Two of the Photos have been already released on the back cover of the AP Magazine.

>>> Gallery Link: Photoshoots > 2012 > Mitchell Wojcik for Glamour Kills

The new Overnight Sensation Line will be out on November 23, 2012 as they announced on the official OS Facebook!

I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see and order the new designs.

Gabe went to the Justin Bieber AMA Party in LA and got catched by some Paparazzis when he left. My favorite quote in this video is definitely “I started working on new music”.

Cobra Starship was a tight and fine-tuned act from start to finish and have their dancey rock band thing (think Maroon 5 + The Killers + testosterone supplements) honed to a razor-sharp edge. Best songs on the night, easily: “Hot Mess” and “Smile For the Paparazzi”

Source: Austin 360

I’ve uploaded another 5 Photos of the Austin Fan Fest (Nov 16).

>>> Gallery Link: (+005) Performances > 2012 > Austin Fan Fest

EDIT: ‘Good Girls Go Bad’ – live at the Austin Fan Fest

Cobra Starship performed at the Austin Fan Fest on Friday (Nov 16) in Austin, Texas.

>>> Gallery Link: Performances > 2012 > Austin Fan Fest

A Photo of Gabe and Justin Bieber at the South America Tour 2011 is featured on Biebers new book “Just Getting Started”. Next to the Photo is the text “Justin joking around with Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship”! Thanks to my friend Melissa for the scan!