New Instagram “Pharaoh Saporta”

It seems like Gabe is spending some time in the kingdom Morocco (Africa). Enjoy your stay there Gabe!

Looks like we found our next Pharaoh in Morocco…

Gallery Update: Live in 2004

There are still no News, time for me to search for old Photos and I found 4 live pics of Gabe performing with his old band Midtown at the ‘Rock Against Bush Concert Tour’ in Hollywood on September 22, 2004. I love the fact that ‘Cobras’ is written on Gabes bass.

>>> Gallery Link:
– (+004) Performances > 1999-2005 > Rock Against Bush Concert Tour (September 2004)

And I’ve found a video of the drunk Midtown boys during the Rock Against Bush Concert Tour. You can’t really see Gabe, but you can hear him talking and laughing.

Buy ‘Make It Out Of This Town’ on iTunes or Amazon

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via @JBlackson

“Remember Eve? Well the Princess of Hip Hop is back with Make It Out This Town featuring Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship. The smooth flows and beautifully crafted lyrics which made us all fall in love with Eve years ago are finally back and this girl hasn’t dropped a beat. Gabe Saporta has a purely harmonic voice which compliments Eve’s rapping perfectly. Put in a mellow chilled backing track with a good beat and you have Make It Out This Town, one sweet hip hop track. If this is anything to go by we are going to be seeing a lot more of Eve in the near future.”

Source: The Global Playbook

New Instagram

I just found this Photo of Gabe and Erin with a friend in Uruguay – I guess it’s from Uruguay because it was posted 2 weeks ago.

Make It Out Of This Town Lyrics

I’ve added the lyrics of ‘Make It Out Of This Town’ to the lyrics archive.

Read the lyrics HERE (opens in a new window), while listening to the song HERE

‘Make It Out Of This Town’ CD cover

Check out the cover for ‘Make It Out Of This Town’ the song Eve recorded with Gabe. Earlier this week I’ve posted the song on UGS. I’m sad Gabe isn’t on the cover, but at least they mention him and Cobra Starship.

New Instagram

Gabes friend (DJ) Suraci posted a photo of him and Gabe on his Instagram: “Chillin with my homie @gabrielsaporta #CobraStarship #SmashMode”

Gallery Update: “Miu Miu hosts screening of The Woman Dress” (Feb 2012)

Sadly, it’s quiet about Gabe right now. Well he is back in New York, after being in his homeland Uruguay to visit a friends wedding. ‘Make It Out Of This Town’ will be out soon (no date known yet), can’t wait to see the video.

Meanwhile I’ve found some photos: On February 13, 2012 Gabe and his fiancée Erin Fetherston went to the Miu Miu hosts screening of The Woman Dress in New York. I’ve uploaded 5 (HQ) Photos of Gabe and Erin backstage, snuggling and kissing.

>>> Gallery Link:
– (+005) Events & Appearances > 2012 > Miu Miu hosts screening of The Woman Dress