First look of the new Cobra Crew!

Get a first look of the new Official and FREE Cobra Starship Fanclub “Cobra Crew” that will officially be up next week!

You will have your own profile on the Crew, where you can communicate with other Fans and…
* …you can chat with friends
* …you can upload Photos of your Fanart and Tattoos
* … you can start groups and forums and much more

It’s really easy to navigate and you will find everything really quickly. There are Guidelines you have to follow, otherwise you’ll get kicked out of the Crew!

If you want to be a member of the Crew you have to get invited! If you want an invitation from me (next week and yes I am a moderator next to @CobrahPao) leave a message with your real e-mail right here or leave a comment in the chat box (dont forget your email).

>>> Check out the ‘landing page’ of the Crew.


Danny Hutto: “Overnight Sensation is coming back”

What amazing News! Gabes clothing line ‘Overnight Sensation’ used to be a partner of the famous ‘Glamour Kills Clothings‘ but suddenly disappeared in 2010. Gabe already visited the ‘Glamour Kills’ office last week. I’m so excited, hopefully it will have such great designs again :)

Gabe modeling for Overnight Sensation

Gabe at the Glamour Kills Office last week

UPDATE: It’s back! Check out the official Website and like it on Facebook :)


Instagrams from France

Seems like Gabes holidays are more a business trip because he, his friend Jeffrey Tonnesen and the Band Far East Movement had a performance at the Palais Nightclub in Cannes yesterday. Anyhow a friend (or fan?) of Gabe has uploaded some Photos from yesterday and today to his Instagram.

Photos: @nawaaffh


Have a great holiday Gabe!

Gabe took some time off and stays in France for a few days. He posted this Photo on his Instagram

“Yes I Cannes!!”

I hope he has a great time in France and goes back home relaxed and happy :)

Oh and the store in the Photo has it’s own Website.


Cobra Crew IS back!

Gabe will announce it too later this week ;)

Oh and get ready for Saturday, cause then you’ll get (a first look of) infos about the Crew :)