Pete Wentz talks about his Gabe Tattoo

Pete has a few other tattoos commemorating his musical career and his Decaydance family – “I got a keyhole on my arm, when my band sold a million records for the first time with From Under The Cork Tree. It was symbolic to me at the time – I don’t know if I ever told anyone about that. And I got my buddy Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship on my leg.”

Source: Hypable

Throwback Thursday

Every Thursday I will make a post with old stuff from Gabe for the Throwback Thursday – starting today.
The 1st post of ‘UGS Throwback Thursday’ is a video of Gabe doing an acoustic version of “Get it Together” (by his old band Midtown) during a concert in 2006.

Gabe to speak at the AHAA 2013 Thinking Under the Influence Conference

Gabe will speak at the AHAA 2013 Thinking Under the Influence Conference on Tuesday, April 30th next to Liliana Vazquez (TV Host) and Stefano Langone (Singer) at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach (Florida).

Musician/actor/activist Gabriel “Gabe” Saporta – lead singer and creative force behind popular synth-dance pop group Cobra Starship – was born in Uruguay to Jewish parents, immigrated to a Spanish community in Queens as a child, majored in Philosophy at Rutgers, and has absorbed influences from hip-hop, punk and hardcore.

Source: AHAA

Cobra Starship? Yes. Gabe Saporta? No.


Cobra Starship is having a DJ Set at the Close up Summer Solstice in April because Gabe won’t be there! Check out a statement from Manila Concert Scene:

Why is Cobra Starship a DJ Set? What does that mean?
“Cobra Starship’s lead vocalist, Gabe Saporta, will not be able to come to Manila. The rest of the band will be performing though, and will be wow-ing the crowd nonetheless. They will still be playing all their hit songs, but will be playing it with a DJ instead of with Gabe Saporta on lead vocal.”

Source: Manila Concert Scene // via @CobraCrew_PH