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Photo 1: “@gabrielsaporta what’s up?!”
Photo 2: “Me, @rylandblackinton and Stevie”
Photo 3: “Midnight snack: Brownies and milk. Like a little bit of heaven in my mouth “

Photo 1: “Good vs Evil”
Photo 2: no caption
Photo 3: “Mullet and gold chain. Sick. #tbt”

Two months ago a rumour came up that Nicki Minajs ‘Starships’ was original written for Cobra Starship. Now the original version of ‘Starships’ came out. Can you imagine Gabe singing it?

I’ve found a video with a performance of Gabes first Band Humble Beginnings and 2 other Bands in New Jersey in 1998.

Gabe appears 01:37 in a white shirt with a black patch and really short hair showing his middle finger and then 01:59 with his Band performing ‘Three Thirty Four’ – Gabe is the one with a black shirt and white (?) pants right in front of the camera rocking the bass.

    Want to win a ‘Yo! Cobra Starship’ zip-up hoodie, a copy of the album Night Shades and a huge Night Shades poster autographed by the band? Check out the Fueled By Ramen blog for more Information about how you can win all that great stuff. Good Luck :)

  • We like fashion here at TheGloss, right? Well apparently there is a new two-episode show coming out on G by GUESS that we will really enjoy watching. It’s called Style Rocks, and you’ll be able to watch it here starting 11/30!

    In this new show, three teams will compete for a chance to meet legendary band Cobra Starship. To claim the grand prize, though, they have to pass some serious tests. The first test: contestants must prove their style-savvy and put together an amazing rock-star style outfit provided by G for GUESS. Given that it takes me forever to get dressed, and I rarely compare to a rock star when finished, I’ll be interested to see how the teams fare.

    For the second challenge, the teams will have to learn a Cobra Starship song and perform live at the famous Key Club in L.A. That’s another test I would certainly fail, so hopefully these superfans are a little more talented than myself.

    I guess we’ll see who has enough rock-star style to win the challenge when we tune in today.

    Source:The Gloss