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Can’t wait to find out who he is.

Our new bass player !!

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Latin American-born, Jersey-bred Gabe Saporta draws influences for his music in variety of eccentric places: freestyle music, his punk-rock past, his new wife, and his Latino culture…to name a few.

The Cobra Starship frontman’s eclectic influences have never been more pronounced than in his newest song, “Never Been In Love.” The band’s unique mix of punk, pop, hip-hop, and rock (or what Saporta dubs ‘punk-rock Justin Timberlake’) shine through in a catchy, dance tune that we’re officially dubbing the song of fall 2014.

Saporta, 35, gave up being his self-professed “playboy lifestyle” last May when he married fashion designer Erin Fetherston. He took a step back from his music career — and his hectic tour schedule — to lay down a solid foundation for his marriage. “I didn’t want to say, ‘Hey, cool wedding! Going to back on tour in two weeks,'” he said.

A year later, he’s back and better than ever with a hit song and an album in the works. We caught up with Gabe to get the scoop on his new music, and ended up chatting about Halloween costumes, married life, trips to Latin America, salsa dancing, and more. Check it out:

What was the inspiration behind your new song “Never Been In Love”?

When they hear the title “Never Been In Love,” it sounds like I’m saying that I’ve never been in love. But, the full lyric is: “I know now that I’ve never been in love before.”

The inspiration was really about being a playboy for a while, exhausting yourself that way. Thinking you had been in love before without realizing what real love is about.

We love the new song — can we expect more like it soon? Is there a new album in the works?

Yes! It will probably be out in the beginning of next year. We are working on it, so it will take a little bit of time. I really wanted [the new album] to be something new, musically. I spent a lot of time experimenting with different styles and sounds. When we found this song, we made it happen. I was all excited; we had been in the studio experimenting for so long, it feels like something that we can put out now. It’s representative of where we want to go, and it’s something that people can get excited about.

It seems like you got a little bit ahead of yourselves with the single, then.

Yeah, because I just got married. I took a year off, and I wanted to do things right. I had things wrong for so long with girls and stuff and my personal life and learning how to balance life. When I got married, I wanted to lay down a solid foundation. I didn’t want to say: “Hey, cool wedding. I’m going back on tour in two weeks.”

So, what can we expect from the new album?

I think one of the great things about Cobra Starship is our unique collaborations, and really drawing from different styles. “Never Been In Love” is influenced by a 90s song, “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim. We actually flipped the pianist for that song. I am a huge fan of early 90’s hip-hop. I’ve always drawn lyrical inspiration from that.


First of all I’m sorry for sharing the fake story. If one Website would have reported about this I wouldn’t have trusted them, but there were a bunch doing it, so I ended up trusting them. Pete Wentz tweeted he was just joking! Thank you Patricia for the hint.

SADLY Alex and Ryland really left the Band!
You can read their letter on the official Cobra Website.

Fall Out Boy star Pete Wentz has joined Cobra Starship as a replacement for departing bassist Alex Suarez.

Frontman Gabe Saporta hinted about the band’s latest member while bidding farewell to Suarez and guitarist Ryland Blackinton in a post online, and now new dad Wentz has confirmed he’s the new recruit.

In a tweet to fans on Tuesday (21 Oct 14), he wrote, “I’d like to announce that I am joining – @CobraStarship.”

Prior to his big announcement, Saporta released a statement about his longtime bandmates’ departure, writing, “It is with heavy hearts that today we announce the departure of Ryland & Alex from Cobra Starship… Although we were bummed when they first told us, Nate, Victoria and I love Cobras too much to not move forward. Not only because of what this band means to us, but also because of what Cobras stands for: To never give up, to never say die.

“And though Alex & Ryland will no longer be a part of the band, they will always be a part of the crew and will always be like family to us, and hopefully to you.

“We are also excited that tomorrow we will finally be premiering the video for Never Been In Love. The video takes place mostly in Sweden with Icona Pop, but it features one last cameo with Ryland and Alex. We are grateful to have had all these years with them and we will always support them, and hope you will too.”

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It's always fun having @gabrielsaporta stay at my place. Not sure how @gizmoasher feels…

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