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Dezeen Music Project: director Randy Scott Slavin utilized extended-exposure photography and a Kickstarter-funded device known as Pixelstick to develop the floating visuals in this music video for New York band Cobra Starship.

Pixelstick, which raised more than half a million bucks on crowdfunding web site Kickstarter final 12 months, allows an innovative type of light painting, a photographic approach in which a hand-held light source is moved for the duration of a prolonged-exposure photograph so that the paths of light create patterns or words in the air.

As explained in the video below, Pixelstick consists of a column of LEDs, which show an picture 1 vertical line of pixels at a time. By moving it by way of the air at the proper velocity for the duration of a extended-exposure photograph, the complete image is exposed.

“I was one particular of the unique funders of the Kickststarter campaign for the Pixelstick,” Slavin informed Dezeen. “I’m constantly on the hunt for new and interesting photographic devices and when I saw Pixelstick’s video, I knew it was going to be epic.”

“When I received the chance to pitch for the Cobra Starship lyric video I knew that this would be the most new and fascinating way to get phrases on the screen.”

“Pixelstick is like a printer,” Slavin explained. “You load images by means of an SD card, the Pixelstick operator walks across the frame as the Pixelstick fires the image away 1 line at a time and the picture is ‘printed’ across the frame. Obtaining created a couple of cease-movement and time-lapse pieces, I knew it would be an incredible tool to use for this video.”

Slavin employed Pixelstick to “print” each lyric in Cobra Starship’s song Never Been In Love more than a series night time scenes shot all around New York.

“A 3:45 minute song equals 5400 frames,” mentioned Slavin. “In order for the Pixelstick operator to be able to stroll across the frame the exposures final at least 4 seconds. That is six hrs worth of exposures, not which includes the time it will take to move from frame to frame, reshoots, mishaps or anything else.”

“We wound up shooting this video in excess of six nights at a variety of New York areas. We had a great number of encounters with rats, drunk folks telling us that we should take their picture, individuals asking us if we had been enjoying ‘lightsabers’. Any semi-intelligent man or woman would throw in the towel, but we made a decision to go for it.”

Source: Decoratingo

Skip to 31:20 to see Gabe talking about the ALS Animal Testing Scandal and ‘Never Been In Love’…