Setlist for Skate and Surf Day 2

I know most of you want Setlists and thanks to here is the complete Setlist for Day 2 of the Skate and Surf Festival (last Sunday May 18). Midtown mostly played Songs from their last album ‘Forget What You Know’.

1. Become What You Hate
2. To Our Savior
3. Give It Up
4. Get It Together
5. Empty Like The Ocean
6. Hey Baby, Don’t You Know That We’re All Whores
7. Come On
8. Like A Movie
9. Waiting For The News
10. Is It Me? Is It True?
11. Help Me Sleep
12. So Long As We Keep Our Bodies Numb We’re Safe
13. Just Rock’n’Roll


short Midtown review of Skate and Surf

Midtown, the daring New Brunswick pop-punkers whose two-day reunion was the big hometown angle at Skate and Surf this year, was impressively sharp considering they haven’t played together regularly since 2005.

Frontman Gabe Saporta was magnetic — he’s clearly gotten used to being the center of attention in Cobra Starship — and very confident picking up the bass guitar again. He was also very grateful to all the fans who supported his band when they were together and still know all the songs 10 years later. A wide grin was pasted on Saporta’s face for the whole set.

They closed with “Just Rock N’ Roll,” and the opening “God, I wish I could hate you,” lyric surely brought many a Jerseyan back to his and her angsty teenage days.

The bride, groom and other wedding guests danced on the Berkeley balcony overlooking the stage during “Give It Up,” and although much of the crowd turned toward them to cheer and wave to them, Midtown didn’t seem to notice.

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Skate and Surf Day 1

Midtown had their first Skate and Surf performance yesterday and they rocked the sh*t out of this festival! As headliner they performed as last band on the main stage, they will perform today too.

Gallery Link:
(+031) Performances > 2014 > Skate and Surf Festival (Day 1) – May 17

“Is It Me? Is It True?”

“Nothing Is Ever What It Seems”

“Just Rock’n’Roll”

“Give It Up”

“To Our Savior”