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Cobra Starship will perform at the 54th annual Pittsburgh Light Up Night on November 21 in Pittsburgh (PA).

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Gabe attended the NYLON Magazine’s American Issue Celebration yesterday (November 4) in Los Angeles (CA). He got photographed with the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Luzzatto Company Marc Luzzatto.

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QRO: When touring for Night Shades ended, where was your mindset and how did you feel about jumping back into making new music?

Gabe Saporta: I felt like I definitely needed a break. We had achieved a level of success I never imagined or planned for, but we had also given up a lot in our personal lives. I had to reconnect with what it meant to be a real person. And in doing so, I was able to reconnect to what I love about music from the seed level.

Something a lot of people forget is that Cobra Starship toured extensively, almost non-stop for five whole years between the first album and Hot Mess (QRO review). Do you think it was because of that that a break after Night Shades was definitely needed?

GS: Ha. I’m glad at least you remember it. Yeah, without a doubt that was a big part of it. As much as I love playing shows, the reality of touring is a harsh one. That’s why so many artists keep themselves permanently sedated while on the road.

How did working with Icona Pop rejuvenate your feelings towards creating music?

GS: I love being around people who are excited and don’t take things for granted. People with strong energy and who aren’t afraid to draw outside the lines.

Sweden is a place that means a lot to me, having worked/lived there before, what was it like for you getting to go there for the first time?

GS: It was really incredible. The vibe there is really special. People are cool without being pretentious, loving without being sappy, and trusting without being naive.

New York is a brilliant place to call home, but it’s also a place that changes at a rapid pace. With that said, how do you feel New York inspires your songwriting now in contrast to how it used to inspire you?

GS: You really have to fight to make it in NY. But it’s a fight that imbues you with a sense of purpose. I think what I was fighting for was probably a little different when I was younger, but it’s the means not the ends that are important

Apart from the shows, what would you say caught you off-guard on your trip?

GS: That Swedes really know how to knock ‘em back.

With the way the world rapidly changes, have you found it at all difficult considering where your music is reached and how you’d like to express your music?

GS: I think as the world changes, for me at least, I’ve had to find new purpose. Maybe it’s just growing up, but I think a global consciousness is emerging where people are more connected and don’t see themselves as separate. There is no better bridge across cultures and boundaries than music.

When you look back to 2006, when you guys released your first album, what do you think your 2006 self would be surprised about the current Gabe Saporta?

GS: I think 2006 Gabe would be surprised that 2014 Gabe finally learned how to relax…

Lastly, when it comes to the music you’re about to release, what is it that you want it (the music) to do? In the past you’ve been open about wanting your songs to reach as many people as possible, is that something that’s still a priority for you?

GS: Absolutely. But now I look at that reach from a different point of view. I want to only reach people if what I do can somehow be of service. Not just for the sake of reaching them in and of itself.

Source: QRO Mag

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Cobra Starship & #BeatsMusic on #SouthwestAir

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Southwest Airlines will offer the Beats Music streaming service to passengers at no charge, the company said Monday.

At a Monday event aboard a Boeing 737 with Beats artwork on the plane’s body, Southwest announced that it will provide free Beats Music access on aircraft that are Wi-Fi enabled. Passengers will tap into the Southwest entertainment portal and pick playlists from the service.

Apple acquired Beats earlier this year for $3.2 billion. Beats’ products are headlined by the company’s popular headphones, but also include its Beats Music streaming service. It’s widely believed that Apple saw significant value in Beats Music specifically.

To highlight its deal with Apple, Southwest’s official Beats Music Boeing 737 is departing from Dallas Love Field and landing at Chicago-Midway on Monday. Pop band Cobra Starship is playing live on the flight.

Through the Southwest portal, Beats Music will work with iOS and Android OS devices, as well as most browsers.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Source: CNET

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Saves the Day’s iconic Album “Through Being Cool” is having its 15th Anniversary. wired.com asked Musicians from back then about the Album and of course Gabe was one of them…

Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey

Saves the Day’s debut, Can’t Slow Down, is released in 1998—right around the time the band members are graduating from high school in central New Jersey.

Gabe Saporta (Midtown bassist, vocalist):
They were this melodic band, dorky kids. Bryan was wearing this puffy Ralph Lauren polo jacket at a hardcore show.
I actually tried out for the band. They needed a guitar player; I was a bass player. I tried to play guitar because I loved the band so much, but I wasn’t good enough.

Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault

The band’s memorable—if controversial at the time—album cover is an indictment of how image-conscious the scene really is.

Saporta: They had a whole bunch of friends come to shoot a house party.

Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy bassist): One of my best friends, Gabe Saporta, is on the cover.

Saporta: On the CD is a photo of me kissing my girlfriend from college. One of the other kids on that [cover] is an actor now, James Ransone [Ed.—Ziggy from The Wire!]. He’s the guy on the couch, passed out.

The Good Life

Through Being Cool is an instant hit, in the larger punk community if not the mainstream. Fifteen years later, it’s regarded as a hidden classic—the album that spawned all the albums you’ve heard.

Saporta: Fuck, yeah! We listened to that record all the time when we were on tour.

Chris Conley (Saves the Day singer, songwriter): Through Being Cool really took off quickly. We got a call the very first day the album came out from Vagrant Records, which would soon be our label, just saying, “we’re so excited about this album, how many units it’s shipped.”
Saporta: We did play the record release show. There was a time when these shows would happen, crazy shows now—Get Up Kids, At the Drive In, Saves the Day, Midtown.
Saves the Day just cracked it open for kids all across the country.

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Cobra Starship (and Icona Pop) will perform at ‘Jimmy Kimmy Live’ this Thursday (December 6th) on ABC.

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F&S: What drew you in to collaborate with Icona Pop?

Saporta: I love their energy. Even though they’re a pop act, they remind me of a punk band. We got the chance to work with them last year when we remixed “I Love It” and hearing their vocals by themselves when we were working on a new track helped me appreciate how much attitude they have.

How is “Never Been In Love” different from previous work you’ve done? And what inspired you to write it?

Saporta: Sonically it’s a brand new direction. I spent the good part of last year experimenting with different sounds and trying new things in the studio to find something fresh I could get excited about. I was listening to a lot of early 90’s UK artists like George Michael, EMF, Jesus Jones, and I thought that was a great era of music that was untapped from an inspiration standpoint. I worked on this song with Wallpaper, an awesome producer I met at the beginning of my experimentation process, and he had the idea to flip the piano riff on Fatboy Slim’s “Praise You.”

Lyrically the song is also reflective of where both of us are in our lives. He had just met a girl who he fell in love with, and I had just gotten married. The notion of writing songs about poppin bottles in the club felt tired to us.

Now that Alex and Ryland have left the band, what can we expect from Cobra Starship in the future?

Saporta: As sad as I am that Ryland and Alex decided to leave, I am a firm believer that the universe always does what is best for you, even if that is not immediately evident. I’m really stoked on our new members, they are great people and great musicians. And most importantly, they’re excited. When people are excited and focused is when you get the best creative output.

Any special projects coming up?

Saporta: Solely focused on working on out next album and putting a new live show together

If there’s anyone else you could collaborate with, who would it be and why?
Saporta: I still think my number one is Pharrell- I’ve been a fan since early days of Neptunes producing Ol Dirty Bastard. And last but not least, Saporta expressed that he is grateful for all the love and support from his fans, adding, “It’s awesome you guys exist!”

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