New Theme on UGS

It’s Christmas so I thought the site needs a new design and here it is! It’s matching with the Gallery. The Photos are from the Paper Mag / GAP Shooting Gabe had earlier this year. I hope you enjoy the simple layout as much as I do.

Gabe talks about Christmas

What is on your holiday wishlist?
Gabe Saporta: An infra red sauna, a new MacBook, and Universal audio duo for easy recording while traveling.

If you haven’t yet, if you could perform a cover of any holiday song, what song would you cover and why?

“Last Christmas.” George Michael rules!

Do you have any holiday traditions?

Teaching my wife’s family Chanukah songs.

What Christmas movie do you always find yourself watching no matter how many times you have seen it?

ELF!! And A Charlie Brown Christmas and Christmas Vacation.

As a band, do you spend the holidays together?

Usually we try to see our families for Christmas and we usually will have a show on New Years.

Everyone has a favorite holiday song, but which one makes you cringe?

Any Christmas song with “rock” guitars.

Source: Cliché Magazine