Gabe talks about Magnises

Last year Gabe DJ’ed at the Magnises Card Launch in New York (check out the Photos). Meanwhile Magnises became a hot spot for New Yorker. Billboard did a story about the ‘credit cards that guarantees reservations at restaurants like La Esquina, special fitness classes at gyms like David Barton and access to Magnises’ New York townhouse, a type of Soho House-like hangout used for meetings and parties, located in the West Village’ and they asked Gabe about it.

“I heard about it through my friend [visual artist Jamison Ernest], who said these kids are launching a black card for cool kids,” says Saporta. “They asked me to do a party.”


Instagram: Gabe and Erin show their Purim costume

Once upon a time a princess met a frog and the frog said “Kiss me, I’m a frog”, so the princess kissed him and he turned into… Gabe Saporta ;)

Purim is is a Jewish holiday where people dress up in costumes, eating a festive meal, sending out food parcels and giving charity.