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The Cobras had a Photoshooting with Chris Pavlich in Australia. I’ve uploaded one Photo to the Gallery.

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I’ve always wanted to see what it would be like to “censor” a song that doesn’t need to be censored. So tonight I loaded up Cobra Starship‘s “You Make Me Feel” and did a little Censoring to it! lol Check it out here!!

Source: Kiss 95.1 Radio

>>> Damn the song sounds awful when it's censored...

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The Cobras performed ‘You Make Me Feel’ at the Australian TV Show ‘Sunrise’ this morning.

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Osprey Productions is proud to present Twenty One Pilots with Cobra Starship live in concert on March 30th in the UNF Arena (Jacksonville, FL).

ADMISSION is free for UNF students with a valid Osprey1Card (no student ticket required) and tickets will be sold to the general public for $15/each via http://www.unf.edu/ospreyproductions/Tickets.aspx. There is no re-entry into the venue.

Doors will open at 7:00 PM and the show will begin at 8:00 PM.

Concessions and Beer will be sold – Cash Only.

Parking can be found in the Arena Parking Garage or Lot 18.

Source: UNF

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Q: Australia has only really discovered this band recently yet you all have been around for a while. How did you all meet considering lead singer Gabe Saporta was apart of Midtown Band previously?

Alex: very interesting actually. So Ryland Blackington (guitarist) and I have known each other since highschool. So when I moved to New York, he had already been up here for a year and he heard that I moved here and we connected making music together. Separately, I ended up living upstairs from the drummer of Gabe’s old band (Midtown) and he’s the one that introduced us to Gabe and Gabe started his new project and Rob (the drummer) suggested us be in Gabe’s new band..so that how we joined basically. Victoria, we were looking on myspace.com for a Brooklyn keyboard player, female. Victoria came up and Gabe was like ‘I want her.’ I was like…’I think I know her..’ and yeh, it turns out I knew her boyfriend at the time so I got in touch with her and then she joined our band.

Q: Really got to know Cobra Starship with your recent album _ yet you have released four albums previously. How has the evolution been?

Alex: Well you know the first album we weren’t really a band yet. Gabe started writing music with music producers and then he’s like ‘I’m gonna start putting a band together.’ Originally the first song by Cobra Starship ever was the song for the movie Snakes On A Plane- and that was before it was anything so everyone thought it would be this supergroup they all teamed up for this one song. So Gabe started a band while he was making a record – we came in at the very end of that and just started touring like crazy! During that first year we toured with Fall Out Boy and Patrick the lead singer produced our second record while on tour with them – we did it all on our laptops and then back home from tour we just ran to the studio, finished recording it and then put out our second album. Third album is where we started to branch out a little for us – we started getting better at our own production and song writing and things like that. We kinda go into newer music – pop music had evolved. We gotta keep up with the times and think what’s gonna be next. Its scary to take risks. We recorded this album. Gabe got a cyst on his vocal chord so he had vocal surgery which was really hard to do in the middle of making another record and writing it. We don’t stick to one sound – we branch out into all kinds of music.

Source: Q News

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The crowd had grown only a little as the lights dimmed and they got to their feet for the last time running to the stage for headliners Cobra Starship, who opened the set with “The City is at War” off their second album ¡Viva la Cobra! . After a mash up of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and their own “Hot Mess” front man Gabe Saporta told the crowd that he thought it was pretty “fucked” that they had booked a last minute show a week before they were meant to play Soundwave and he really wasn’t keen to play it.

In the end though the band said they were really happy they got to play a smaller show because they got to play some of their older songs like “The Scene is Dead” and “Pleasure Ryland,” something the crowd of loyal followers also seemed to enjoy. The crowd was also lucky enough to catch bassist Alex Suarez giving us what the band assured us was an unusual display of stand up comedy/story telling. They even changed up the set list to play songs that the crowd requested, one of which was the Latino inspired “Smile For The Paparazzi” which somehow led to Gabe showing us how to grind with a little help from keytarist Victoria. After a fake encore, where the crowd pretended the band left the stage, the band ended the set with their own remix of Duck Sauce’s “Barbra Streisand” where they had replaced the vocals with “Cobra Starship” then going into the song that has made them break into the Australian charts, “You Make me Feel”.

Whether it was due to a lack of ticket sales, or purposely only selling a small amount of tickets it seemed to work in the favour of this show. Fans got an up close and personal experience with all of the bands, it felt more like a big group of friends hanging out and having a laugh as opposed to a crowd watching a band. A highly entertaining and intimate gig that unfortunately we don’t get to experience all that often.

NB: for all of you fans of the late, great The Academy Is… drummer Andy “The Butcher” is now touring with Cobra Starship playing percussion.

Source: Tone Deaf

>>> You can find the Live Performance of ‘You Make Me Feel’ (front row) after the jump! (more…)

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Cobra Starship performed at the ‘Sidewave’ (a Sideshow from Soundwave) in Melbourne yesterday with Forever The Sickest Kids, These Kids Wear Crowns and Kill Hannah. Sorry the Photos doesnt have a really good quality / size…

Source: Anthony Smith Photography

UPDATE: I’ve added another 16 Pictures of the Performance. Credit for them goes to @TeamIvyLeague ; Lens Of Rock via maytherockbewithyou.com and Aleksandar Kostadinoski at Music Feeds

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Cobra Starship performed at the Soundwave in Sydney today.

Pictures by: Olivia Hadisaputra at Music Feeds

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