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Cobra Starship’s Gabe and Ryland stopped by today (Feb 15, just saying) for a quick chat with American Radio presenter Toby Knapp.

En route to an evening party with a Baltimore pop radio station, the three wise men discussed life, work, music and their evolution as a band!

The conversation, which is comeplling, covered the band’s evolution from an indie rock band with a massive following on the underground scene to their emergence as a pop-rock based musical force. They addressed their “core” fans who have “stuck” with the band through their evolution, and talked about their continued evolution, too.

Source for Text: 106.1 Kiss FM // Source for Photos: HOT 99.5

Cobra Starship appears at 1:36 and then answering a Question at 3:03.

I’ve uploaded a Photo from a Shooting the Cobras had in 2011. The Photo is courtesy of Kent Miller.

The Cobras appear at 0:15 and Gabe is talking about their Performance.

>>> Check out the Pictures here

Cobra Starship performed at the Rolling Stone Hosts The Bacardi Bash: 150 Years of Rocking The Party in Indianapolis yesterday (Feb 4). Check out the Photos of the arriving.

A few days ago Cobra Starship had an Interview with KIIS FM 102.7’s JoJo (on the Radio). Check it out below.

Alex Suarez had an Interview with Low Tone Media and of course mentioned Gabe.

LTM: The band has had a lot of really diverse collaborations form Leighton to Flo Rida – how does it work finding the right people to work with, how do you guys know how pick the right people for the job?

AS: It’s hard, we get a lot of suggestions for things, we try to do things that fit. For example on our current record the song Middle Finger, everyone was pushing for a big rapper to be on it but Gabe was like lets get Mac Miller, who was this guy that was just getting started, instead of someone that was huge because it would have more impact, be more fun and not some guy that had featured on everyone else’s record.

LTM: Your latest album Night Shades is a little different, some slower more pop kind of songs. Gabe described it as more commercial, but also your most honest album to date – what about you, what do you think of it?

AS: I think it’s absolutely true. Gabe came out of a really long relationship he was in before making this record and I think he channelled a lot of that into the writing process which is why there are so many love songs, definitely the most love songs we’ve had on a record. I think the songs came out great; it was a lot of fun to make. We do more of the music side and Gabe does the vocal side and he did a really great job.

LTM: You and Ryland emailed Gabe asking if you could join the group true or false?

AS: No, not true! Laughs I’ll tell you how it happened though. Laughs. When I moved to New York I ran into Ryland who had been living there for a year and we were making music on our own. Then my downstairs neighbour at my first apartment in New York, who had been playing drums for Gabe’s old band Midtown, he was really close to Gabe and introduced us whilst we were doing our band Ivy League and he (Gabe) approached us about joining the band. We weren’t sure at first, he didn’t know what was going to happen, we were a little sceptical at first but we came around to it and thought what have we got to lose?

Source: Low Tone Media