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Cobra Starship had a Chat with Fans on Saturday Night Online yesterday (Jan 7).
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Cobra Starship had an impressive 2011 with the release of their fourth studio album, delivered an epic performance at this past year’s VMAs and performed sold-out shows all across latin America. Not to mention these guys collaborated with Sabi to put out one of the the year’s biggest singles, You Make Me Feel, which reached the 48th spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 year end chart. After a long year of hard work and success, it was only appropriate for the quintent to go out with a bang.

Cobra Starship rang in 2012 with us at the Big Bang New Years Eve bash held in Hollywood and were full of smiles, jokes and lots of laughter! What better way to start off the year, right? Front-man, Gabe Saporta, revealed the band has a lot of good things coming up including a new single that was just released with one of the sickest flow-bots in music right now, Mac Miller.

Source: StarPulse

LMFAO, Gym Class Heroes, Lupe Fiasco and Cobra Starship will perform at the Rolling Stone Super Bowl party. The show, put on with Bacardi in celebration of the company’s 150th anniversary, will take place February 4th at the Crane Bay event venue in Indianapolis, the day before the big game.

Super Bowl weekend has become synonymous with spring break-like partying for football fans and VIPs, and Gym Class Heroes frontman Travie McCoy, though admittedly a little biased, points out that this concert will be a throwdown.

“To have LMFAO and Cobra Starship on a bill for something like this, it’s genius because they are two bands who embrace the whole party thing,” McCoy tells Rolling Stone. “It’s definitely a party that if we weren’t playing, I’d hate to miss.”

When it comes to partying in popular music in 2012 there is no one who seems to have made it into more of an artform than LMFAO, the duo who dominated airwaves in 2011 with the hits “Party Rock Anthem” and “Sexy And I Know It.” The group’s high-energy performances were a major hit of the recent radio station holiday concert season and the American Music Awards, where they brought out David Hasselhoff and Justin Bieber in their pursuit of fun.

And as McCoy points out, their close friends in Cobra Starship, whose current single, “You Make Me Feel…” has sold over a million downloads in the U.S. alone, will keep up their part of the bargain. Likewise for Grammy-nominated Fiasco, whose double-platinum single “The Show Goes On” should whip get the crowd into a frenzy.

McCoy says that Gym Class Heroes are ready for their night at the Crane Bay. “It is a huge party atmosphere, and we’re definitely gonna be going all out,” he says. “For events like this we like to do special stuff.”

Tickets are available by calling Crane Bay at (317) 876-3338 or by visiting rollingstonerockweekend.com.

Source: Rolling Stone

Check out the Red Carpet / Inside Pictures or the Performance Pictures.

2011 was full of chart-toppers and hip-shakers from the hottest Latino artists. We decided to take a retrospective look at the songs that got us dancing and singing along. From Jennifer Lopez to Pitbull and Demi Lovato to Selena Gomez, they’re all here! These are the songs that were stuck in our heads this year and were infectious enough to influence the music scene for the better. See if your favorites made the list…

01. Cobra Starship – “You Make Me Feel”
02. Selena Gomez – “Love You Like A Love Song”
03. Enrique Iglesias – “Tonight (I’m Loving You)”
04. Pitbull – “Give Me Everything”
05. Demi Lovato – “Skyscraper”
06. Gloria Estefan, “Wepa”
07. Romeo Santos feat. Usher – “Promise”
08. Bruno Mars – “The Lazy Song”
09. Jennifer Lopez – “On The Floor”
10. Pitbull & Marc Anthony – “Rain Over Me”

Urugayan Cobra Starship front man Gabe Saporta knows how to make people feel good with his music. “You Make Me Feel” is the perfect example of that. This song is putting his band on the map and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for listeners next year!

Source: Latina

YouTube Sensation Keenan Cahill and Cobra Starship made a Lip Sync Video of ‘You Make Me Feel’. Here are the “Behind the Scenes” Videos.

Cobra Starship had their Official After Party at the Drink Nightclub on December 17 in Chicago. Here is a short Video of their Performance.