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University of North Florida

Sorry I totally forgot to upload it yesterday…
BUT the Cobras performed at the UNF Arena on March 30. I’ve uploaded one Photo to the Gallery.

The full size Photo can be found on the Gallery

Source: Osprey Productions

Tigo Fest 2012 – press conference

It’s not the whole Interview…

Translating for the spanish part (thank you Drea!)

“It’s a song for the summer, in english it’s called ‘Wet Hot American Summer’. When we were *audio goes of for some seconds*… we changed the title to: ‘Wet Hot South American Summer’, and now it is ‘Wet Hot Central American Summer’.”

out and about in Tokyo

I’ve uploaded 8 Photos of Gabe and Ryland in Tokyo.

Thank you @CobraCrewJAPAN

DJ Set in Tokyo

Just a few hours ago, Cobra Starship’s Ryland Blackinton and Gabe Saporta hosted a DJ set, where Ryland dj’ed, and Gabriel sang along to a few of their songs. The set was about an hour long, followed by about 20 minutes of questions and answers, and to finish up the night, a mini signing session.

Photo by: Daniela at

UPDATE: Thank you @CobraCrewJAPAN for the Photos of the Question and Answer part!

Arriving in Manila

I’ve found this Photo of Cobra Starship arriving in Manila (Philippines) on Wednesday (Mar 7).

Source and Photo Credit: Dayly Entertainment

Buzznet Exclusive: Cobra Starship Answer Your Questions!

A few months back we asked you to submit any and all questions for Cobra Starship. Well you asked, and they have answered!

Find out what is the most difficult part about being on the Vans Warped Tour, what was the best thing about the band’s 2011, and possibly a collaboration with Justin Timberlake in the future?!

Check it out — maybe they answered your question!

Did the band answer your question? What is your favorite Cobra Starship album?

Source: Buzznet

Review of the Sidewave Show (Feb 29) in Sydney

After FTSK the headlining band Cobra Starship had a very hard act to follow. However as the lights dimmed and the deafening roar of the crowd enveloped the room the familiar sound of The City Is At War was greeted by the audience by a sudden rush of bodies as people endeavoured to get even closer to the stage. When listening to Cobra Starship’s older songs (which played at the beginning of the set), it occurred to me that the band had attempted to give their live music an extra edge by andding another element. As well as permanent members, Cobra Starship brought a touring percussion player with them who played bongos, maracas and tambourines amongst many other instruments, which gave the live set a unique quality rather than just mimicking the sounds produced by a CD. Although the band did not emanate the same energy as FTSK, they did seem genuinely happy to be performing even if it was to a much smaller crowd than anticipated. Vocalist Gabe Saporta performed to his audience in fine form, especially when the band played My Moves Are White and he busted out some very risky dance moves. The band progressed from playing songs primarily from ¡Viva la Cobra!, to songs from their newer albums that everyone knew and danced to. The highlight of the set was the band’s hit Guilty Pleasure which persuaded the audience to muster the last of their energy and give the band a send off they deserved.

There can be no doubt that each of the bands featured on this amazing night disserve applause for putting on a performance fit for a big crowd when all they got was a small one. Some might say that this concert was special because of the intimate quality the concert had due to the lack of numbers. I however found it utterly disappointing that due to the disorganisation of the event, each of these bands missed out on the support of their fans and an opportunity to see just how much their music is appreciated by us Sydney-siders.

Source: Faster Louder

Sidewave – Sydney

On February 29 Cobra Starship played a Sideshow in Sydney. I’ve uploaded 26 Pictures.

Source: Faster Louder