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Victoria Asher of Cobra Starship knew exactly how she wanted to celebrate her birthday, January 20th, and that included partying in Vegas. Although before taking off to Sin City, she along with Gabe Saporta and Ryland Blackinton stopped by Fox All Access to talk about their new single featuring Mac Miller, ”Middle Finger.” What we love about the band is that they don’t take themselves too seriously which makes for a hell of a good time in the studio. You’ll learn how lead singer Gabe was inspired by a cobra from the future and how Sigourney Weaver aroused him. Ryland tells us about his first memory of music and what he first called Bruce Springsteen as a kid. Victoria gives us the scoop on how she literally flipped out at a Michael Jackson concert and how she deals with living on a tour bus with four guys. What’s with boys and farts? We give her props because she’s a total sport. This band is a hoot!

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Matt Mastrangelo, the publisher of Rolling Stone, talked about Cobra Starship (who are going to perform at the RS Super Bowl Party) in a recent Interview with ‘Nuvo’.

NUVO: Talk about the selection of the talent.

Mastrangelo: That was a fun couple of weeks (laughs). If there is one thing that people like to discuss, it’s music. What we wanted to do was blow the doors off and have multiple acts on a bill. We also wanted to get multiple acts in who were chart-toppers. We have LMFAO; right now, [“Party Rock Anthem”] is the number one song and [“Sexy And I Know It”] is the number nine or number eight song. You have Cobra Starship, who right now I think is the number 17 song. Gym Class Heroes have two top ten hits; they have another one that I think right now is in the Hot 100. Lupe Fiasco has three Grammy nominations. We wanted to put together a selection of artists that are not duplicative, so it’s not the same type of music.

NUVO: Are you a personal fan [of these artists]?

Mastrangelo: Am I a personal fan? I think they’re all fun. Like I was saying, you turn the radio on and LMFAO is on and you’re boppin’. It’s party music. Cobra Starship — great pop, I don’t want to say bubblegum, but great pop rock. Lupe — I love Lupe — I think he is so underrated; he is under the radar. We like him because not only is he a great artist, he is a really great guy.

NUVO: Take me through a typical day in your job at Rolling Stone, I imagine it’s pretty surreal.

Mastrangelo: Because we are published every two weeks, it’s a constant flow of high energy at the maximum level. Obviously Jann Wenner, who is our owner and founder, is working everyday and editing. Keith Richards will come in, or Bruce Springsteen will come in and play his new record, or you have the guys from the Black Keys coming in. Actually, tomorrow, Cobra Starship will have lunch. (Should be Feb 2, just saying) It is a highly creative, high energy type of environment, but the environment and the job doesn’t end when you leave the office. I will probably be going to two, three, four shows a week, going to small clubs, listening to great music, going out with clients, going out with agents, going out with managers, until one o’clock in the morning and then you’re back in at 7:30 a.m. You have to have this passion.

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Cobra Starship performed at the 1 OAK Nightclub in Las Vegas yesterday (Jan 20). Here are the first Pictures.

EDIT: I’ve added another 63 Pictures of the Performance and the Arriving. Some of them are from Spy On Vegas.

Cobra Starship just had an Interview with 102.7 KIIS FM. Check it out and make sure to take a look at the Pictures.

You’ve had a number of their catchy tunes stuck in your head for who knows how long, but now is your chance to ask them anything you want!

That’s right, Celebuzz is gearing up to sit down with Cobra Starship, and we want YOU to submit your questions! So, from now until Friday January 20 at 10 AM EST, we’ll be taking your questions for the hit group.

How do you submit your burning questions?

Simply “Like” Celebuzz on Facebook and enter your question for the band in the comments section below! We’ll gather them all and send them along to Cobra Starship, who will pick their favorites and answer them on video which we’ll premiere right here on Celebuzz.

We’ll be taking submissions until Friday January 20 at 10 AM EST. Just leave a comment below, and check back soon for Cobra Starships’s Celebrity Mailbag response!

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Jump to 16:00 to see the Behind the Scenes.

Cobra Starship had a Chat with Fans on Saturday Night Online yesterday (Jan 7).
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Cobra Starship had an impressive 2011 with the release of their fourth studio album, delivered an epic performance at this past year’s VMAs and performed sold-out shows all across latin America. Not to mention these guys collaborated with Sabi to put out one of the the year’s biggest singles, You Make Me Feel, which reached the 48th spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 year end chart. After a long year of hard work and success, it was only appropriate for the quintent to go out with a bang.

Cobra Starship rang in 2012 with us at the Big Bang New Years Eve bash held in Hollywood and were full of smiles, jokes and lots of laughter! What better way to start off the year, right? Front-man, Gabe Saporta, revealed the band has a lot of good things coming up including a new single that was just released with one of the sickest flow-bots in music right now, Mac Miller.

Source: StarPulse