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First of all I am so sorry for not updating the whole week! But like I said in the post below I forgot my notebook charging cable….. Anywho I am BACK! From now on you will find daily news about Gabe again!

Cobra Starship released a homemade Video for ‘#1Nite’ this week! Like I told you last weekend it was made with help by japanese Fans! Check out the Video below!

AFTER THE JUMP: a message from the Cobras about the Video and a Newspost from Continue reading

Chardon High School Wins Prom Contest

For the students of Chardon High School, it is a night to remember.

“We are getting into a limo and going to the Rock Hall for prom! I can’t wait for the dancing. And Cobra Starship is my favorite band,” said Dylan Loder, a senior.

The school was the winner of Rock Your Prom, a local contest for the prom of their dreams.

“More than half of the votes came from people who were not from Chardon. Just to know that so many people supporting us is amazing,” said Alex Jernejcic, senior.

Jernegcic is the prom date of Dominick Parmertor, the brother of victim, Danny Parmertor.

For Chardon shooting survivor, Nick Walczak, it’s another move forward.

“I’m ready to do some dancing. I’m excited for the music and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” said Walczak, a junior.

“This night is going to be really special. This is something that not many people get to do,” added his girlfriend, Brittany Hokes, junior.

School officials say they worked with Kiss-FM, Rock the House Entertainment, and Rock Hall to plan the event.

However, the school requested that it be a private event so that the students had space and time to enjoy the event.

“It’s bittersweet. There’s always the memory of our three students. We wish they were here,” said Andy Fetchik, principal.

For many students, it’s an exciting end to a very difficult school year.

“I really feel like these kids, when they found out about it, it changed the year for them. We just jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it,” said Gabe Saporta, lead singer for Cobra Starship.

And while some students will graduate and move on, this is a night they will always cherish.

“It means a lot. It means people care, people were paying attention,” said Loder.

“We just really need to show them how strong we’ve really became since everything happened. Chardon is such a close community. It’s mind blowing seeing all the love,” added Hokes.

Source: FOX8

CS Talk Pranking President & Possible Courtney Love Collabo

It was a messy start when Cobra Starship stopped by to chat with Otis from The O Show before taking the stage to celebrate Whisky River’s four year anniversary.

Just as the camera started rolling, an overly excited lead singer Gabe Saporta had a wine catastrophe, dropping the cup full of alcohol to the floor. “You know why I love your station? Because when we played The Grave Diggers Ball my alcohol was taken away from me,” he laughed while cleaning up the puddle on the floor. “And the first thing they did for me when I walked in here was give me more alcohol.” That was only the beginning of a highly amusing interview with the group.

With Cobra Starship being such an energetic group, it was only a matter of time before they were asked about the possibility of going on the newly revived MTV hit show Punk’d. Though Gabe claims no one can prank each other in the band anymore (“We’ve known each other too long”), band-mate Ryland Blackinton interjected with an idea of monumental proportions.

“I would just go [and] punk Barack Obama. I would skip all the middlemen and just go right to the top.” Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Ryland gave a play-by-play of how it would all go down. “Just be like, ‘Sir, we have a crisis in Afghanistan. You need to act now, they need a statement’. Set up a big fake press conference, we’re all in another room with headsets like ‘Oh my God’!” Does it get any bigger than pranking the President of the United States? “That’d be it though, you do that and it’s done. You’ve done the ultimate punk.”

But it’s not all pranks and games with the “You Make Me Feel” singers. When Otis brought up future music, he blind sided them with something they’ve never heard before: Courtney Love admitting the desire to collaborate with the band. “What?!” Gabe yelled in surprise before quickly adding they’d love to do a song with Courtney Love. “Listen my history with Courtney Love is so long and convoluted and she has no idea she’s ever met me. I’ve met her about 17 times, she probably drunk 16 of them and the one time she wasn’t drunk she told me to f*** off,” Gabe laughed.

So the final verdict? Pranking President Obama and sharing studio time with Courtney Love are definitely not out of the question. We’ll keep an eye out for both!

Source: Kiss 95.1

#1Nite Video coming soon

The #1Nite Video will be released soon!
This was posted on the official Cobra Starship website yesterday.
As you can see it’s in japanese style and little birds have told me that Gabe wanted a typical “japanese style” video with japanese fans. We will see if the little bird was telling me the truth when the video is out.

I can’t wait to see the Video :)

Exclusive Details on Cobra Starship’s New Alloy Web Series! really knows how to throw a party. Really, we do. And we threw one just the other day in NYC to honor everything that our mama company, Alloy, has coming up in the next year or so — we own Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries, ps!. And we even got our celeb BFFs to attend!

We know, Cobra Starship‘s Gabe Saporta and Jersey Shore‘s Vinny Guadagnino may make an odd pair, but both were at our party. Vinny was there promoting his new book, “Control the Crazy” and Gabe was there with his bandmates, performing a private concert just for us. We know. We’re super lucky. But also?

Gabe and the rest of Cobra Starship were reppin’ their new web series! Starting July 2012, the band will be starring in a new web series, called Chasing Cobra Starship, where superfans will compete in scavenger hunts. The winning fans will get VIP access to Cobra Starship!

So stay tuned for the summer — we’ve got all the exclusive new scoop on the show! Are you gonna watch the series? Are you a huge Cobra fan?

Source: Teen

Trapped: Many artists selling singles, not albums

I found a really interesting ‘press release’ about artists selling singles but not albums on Next to Flo Rida, Bruno Mars, Rihanna and many other popular artists they mentioned Cobra Starship and a quote from Gabe.

“If you used to have a big single, you would sell a million albums, and if you sell a million albums and you’re a band, you can probably not have to work for a couple years. We don’t have that luxury,” said Cobra Starship’s lead singer Gabe Saporta.

Cobra Starship had a top 10 hit with the double platinum dance jam “You Make Me Feel …,” but their latest album debuted at No. 50 and has sold a mere 33,000 units.