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B96 SoBe Lifewater Jingle Bash

Cobra Starship performed at the B96 SoBe Lifewater Jingle Bash yesterday (Dec 17) in Chicago. After the Performance they’ve had a After Party with DJ Set by Gabe at the ‘Drink’ Nightclub.

Performance (EDIT: Added them in HQ)

Instagram Pictures

Performance Pictures are from B96

Live: ‘Good Girls Go Bad’


Mix 96.1′s Not So Silent Night

Cobra Starship performed yesterday (Dec 15) at the Mix 96.1′s Not So Silent Night. Because of the weather they could only play a DJ set and around 3 songs.

Here are the Meet and Greet Pictures, as soon as the Performance Pictures are up I’ll post them.

Source: Mix 96.1

Here are two Pictures of the Band at the Soundcheck and Gabe backstage.


93.3FLZ’s Jingle Ball

The Cobras performed at the 93.3 FLZ Jingle Ball yesterday (Dec 11). Here are some Pictures.


Meet and Greet

Source: 93.3 FLZ

>>> I have added 29 Pictures of the Channel 955 Jingle Jam – check the Pictures here


Y100 Jingle Ball

Cobra Starship performed yesterday (Dec 10) at the Y100 Jingle Ball. They got interviewed by their friend Jared Eng (, who was also on the ‘You Make Me Feel’ Video.
Cute Fact: Gabe brought in his girlfriend Erin Fetherston to the Y100 Jingle Ball.


Meet and Greet

Some Pictures are from Y100