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Cobra Starship performed at the USF Bullstock yesterday (April 13) in Tampa.

‘Nice Guys Finish Last’

‘Hot Mess’

‘Kiss My Sass’

‘The City Is At War’

A few days ago Alex and Gabe stopped by ‘Music Choice’ and ‘SWRV TV’ Studios for Interviews. ‘Music Choice‘ and ‘SWRV TV‘ have released some Photos.

Music Choice

>>> Check them all out in the Gallery <<<


>>> Check them all out in the Gallery <<<

Victoria ‘Vicky-T’ Asher has posted two Video of the ‘Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Tour’ in 2008 on her Tumblr.
If the Videos below aren’t working, watch them on Vicky’s Tumblr
Check out the Videos after the jump.

Sorry I totally forgot to upload it yesterday…
BUT the Cobras performed at the UNF Arena on March 30. I’ve uploaded one Photo to the Gallery.

The full size Photo can be found on the Gallery

Source: Osprey Productions

It’s not the whole Interview…

Translating for the spanish part (thank you Drea!)

“It’s a song for the summer, in english it’s called ‘Wet Hot American Summer’. When we were *audio goes of for some seconds*… we changed the title to: ‘Wet Hot South American Summer’, and now it is ‘Wet Hot Central American Summer’.”

I’ve uploaded 8 Photos of Gabe and Ryland in Tokyo.

Thank you @CobraCrewJAPAN

Just a few hours ago, Cobra Starship’s Ryland Blackinton and Gabe Saporta hosted a DJ set, where Ryland dj’ed, and Gabriel sang along to a few of their songs. The set was about an hour long, followed by about 20 minutes of questions and answers, and to finish up the night, a mini signing session.

Source: lewneytunes.blogspot.com
Photo by: Daniela at lewneytunes.blogspot.com

UPDATE: Thank you @CobraCrewJAPAN for the Photos of the Question and Answer part!

I’ve found this Photo of Cobra Starship arriving in Manila (Philippines) on Wednesday (Mar 7).

Source and Photo Credit: Dayly Entertainment