Do we get Cobra Starship News August 25?

Gabe performed with Fall Out Boy last night and he wore a Shirt saying “CS 82514″ which could stand for ‘Cobra Starship August 25, 2014′. CS is always used for Cobra Starship and August 25 is a Monday in 2 weeks. Gabe promised us CS News a few weeks ago and even Pete said that there will be ‘a huge announcement about Cobra Starship’ soon. Will we get new Cobra News? What will it be? I’m very excited :)


Video of Gabe with NexCyx on stage

On June 1st this year, Gabe joined the Band NexCyx on stage while being on a trip on Barbados. The Band has now released a Video with Scenes from the ‘NeXperience 2014′, including some with Gabe…

Gabe appears 1:44 – 2:20