Pete Wentz hints exciting things to come from Cobra Starship this year

Pete Wentz, a Fall Out Boy and owner of DCD2 Records, posted a Photo on his Instagram with 6 of “his” artists with the Note below. What do you think the exciting ‘thing’ from Gabe / Cobra Starship will be?

For those just joining us. This my gang- @dcd2records – this is who I believe in and back. Anytime I get asked who I am excited about its one of these artists. We have some exciting things coming this year from each of these artists but also the label as a whole. These are the only people I fuck with. First and foremost we are a gang. Head over to to find out more…Ps we are always looking for interns pps the Interns don’t get glocks.

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gabe and Erin

I wish your love be just as endless
As the rings you grant and wear,
A circle of real happiness
For both of you to share!

New Theme on the site – again

Yeah it’s been not really a month since I changed the design and there is nothing happening in the Cobra world, but I actually felt like getting a new look on UGS.

The Midtown theme is not because of the post below, though I have a feeling that we might see Midtown back on stage this year, but I’ve decided to go with a Midtown theme, because it’s been a year since they’ve performed at the Skate and Surf Festival in NJ. Nothing much on the site has changed, I only included a new feature on the sidebar called “Favorite Music Video”, just to make sure people also listen to the “older stuff”.

Anyhow I hope you like the new design. Thanks for visiting and see you soon!

Cobra Starship and Midtown on tour this year?

So a lot of tweets have been send out lately about Cobra Starship and now Midtown being on tour in 2015. I don’t think these dates are real. According to a UK Ticket seller Cobra Starship will be the support act for Fall Out Boy in September. Another site claims Midtown will be on Tour beginning June 18. I checked almost every arena/show they should perform and it said that the Band Deftones is the main-act. Will Midtown be the support act for Deftone? How can Gabe be on Tour with Cobra Starship and Midtown at the same time? So what’s up with all those fake Tourdates? I’m gonna keep you updated on this.

Cobra Starship performed at private birthday party

Cobra Starship performed at “Adam Donovan’s 19th birthday party” last Saturday, April 25 in Staunton, VA. Even when it was a rainy day they all seemed to have a lot of fun. I’m glad to see Cobra Starship back on stage, it’s a good sign. Out of respect for Adam I do NOT post any Pictures on the Gallery, but if you want to see some check out his Facebook.

Also I want to say to the fellow Cobra Adam: Happy Belated Birthday :)

Photo by Adam Donovan

UGS is having a brand new Design

After two months and the 5 year online day passing last week, I decided it’s time for a new look for the site. I contact many “designers” but none replied (yet) so I used a premade design again. It’s simple and I love it. I haven’t had the “two sidebars design” in a while, so I’m glad to have it back. Speaking about bringing something back, I hope Gabe is coming back soon, I really miss seeing his tweets on my Twitter and Instagram feed.

I hope you enjoy the new design as much as I do and thanks for visiting the site, I know it’s quite quiet about Gabe, but believe me he’ll come back!

5 years online

yeah I can’t believe it. UGS is already online for 5 freaking years! 5 years of non-stop Gabe support :)
Here’s to the next 5 years. Sadly Gabe is currently “offline”, but I hope he’ll be back really soon, can’t wait to post News again.

He is still alive!

He hasn’t tweeted in a month, hasn’t posted anything to Instagram, Vine or Snapchat in a month, but now I found evidence that he is still alive ;)

Gabes friend Markus Molinari posted a Photo on Instagram, showing him with Gabe and a friend (or Fan) at a Flaunt Magazine Party at the Blind Dragon in Hollywood last Friday (April 10).