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Gabe Saporta couldn’t instantly identify the flying object someone hurled past his head Friday. Though he knew what it wasn’t.

“Was that a Glow-stick? It wasn’t a bra. You’d need that tonight; it’s too cold,” Saporta, singer for pop-rock band Cobra Starship, told the merry throng gathered on the Roberto Clemente Bridge during the homestretch of Pittsburgh’s Light-Up Night.

Saporta wore a quadruple layer of clothing to fend off a 25-degree chill that seemed colder. Those temps were part of the fun, helping put western Pennsylvanians into the Christmas spirit (move out of the way, Thanksgiving), while fulfilling the light-up night purpose of reminding people ‘tis the season for shopping.

Cobra Starship got its huge audience grooving to the band’s danceable, high-energy pop-rock.

Shortly after Saporta’s that-wasn’t-a-bra remark, one such ladies’ undergarment was tossed on stage by a guy who presumably borrowed it. Saporta never noticed, as his band continued charging through its lively performance that set the stage for the 9:37 p.m. Zambelli fireworks shot from the Andy Warhol Bridge.

Source: Times Online

Thank you Pittsburgh. So grateful all you guys came out tonight. And thank you q92.9!

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Gabe and his wife Erin attended the 2014 American Museum Of Natural History 2014 Museum Gala on November 20 in New York.

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The idea was for me to ask questions of Cobra Starship singer Gabe Sporta, but when the subject of Light Up Night came up, he has some of his own.

“I have no idea what I’m in for, so why don’t you fill me in?” he says.

Just try describing Light Up Night to someone from out of town — a New York hipster, no less — without making us yinzers sound crazy.

“Light Up Night,” I tell him, “is, like, well, all the buildings are lit up and hundreds of thousands of people go Downtown.

“No, it is not!,” he declares. “Hundreds of thousands of people?!”

Well, yeah.

They won’t all be hanging out on the Roberto Clemente Bridge at once, but there should be a plentiful crowd for the colorful New York electropop band, which debuted in 2007 with the single “Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)” and then hit the Top 10 with catchy radio cuts “Good Girls Go Bad” and “You Make Me Feel …”

The pop charts were an odd place to be for the singer/bassist from Queens, via Uruguay, who previously made his name in the Jersey pop-punk band Midtown (1998-2004).

“On the last Midtown record, I had started experimenting with electronic music, just like little interludes that I programmed, and I wanted to delve into that more,” he says. “But Midtown was something that was sacred to me, so I never really wanted to change the style. I didn’t want to tarnish what I did in Midtown.”

Instead, he launched Cobra Starship as a spinoff with a more commercial dance-pop sound.

“It was definitely something that divided people,” he says. “Some people thought it was a logical progression for me because it was always a fun part of me with Midtown. We always had a great time. It wasn’t like it was such a 180. I think that at the end of the day it’s the attitude more than anything. It’s funny, when Cobra Starship first started, we were voted ‘band most likely to disappear this time next year,’ and the next year we were voted ‘most underrated band,’ and we were on the cover of the magazine.”

Both the punk and synth-pop styles were part of his musical roots at one point or another.

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Gabe and his wife Erin attended the AS IF Magazine and Audemars Piguet Celebrate Ryan Kavanaugh and Relativity Media with Moet Hennessy in New York on Wednesday (Nov 12). Gabe got photographed with Tatijana Shoan and Doreen Remen.

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Card sharks

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Daniel and I bid you goodnight

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