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Fall Out Boy star Pete Wentz has joined Cobra Starship as a replacement for departing bassist Alex Suarez.

Frontman Gabe Saporta hinted about the band’s latest member while bidding farewell to Suarez and guitarist Ryland Blackinton in a post online, and now new dad Wentz has confirmed he’s the new recruit.

In a tweet to fans on Tuesday (21 Oct 14), he wrote, “I’d like to announce that I am joining – @CobraStarship.”

Prior to his big announcement, Saporta released a statement about his longtime bandmates’ departure, writing, “It is with heavy hearts that today we announce the departure of Ryland & Alex from Cobra Starship… Although we were bummed when they first told us, Nate, Victoria and I love Cobras too much to not move forward. Not only because of what this band means to us, but also because of what Cobras stands for: To never give up, to never say die.

“And though Alex & Ryland will no longer be a part of the band, they will always be a part of the crew and will always be like family to us, and hopefully to you.

“We are also excited that tomorrow we will finally be premiering the video for Never Been In Love. The video takes place mostly in Sweden with Icona Pop, but it features one last cameo with Ryland and Alex. We are grateful to have had all these years with them and we will always support them, and hope you will too.”

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It's always fun having @gabrielsaporta stay at my place. Not sure how @gizmoasher feels…

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Spoiler alert: tried to scare @gabrielsaporta out of his pants tonight. #universalHHN was awesome!

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Well even when Icona Pop are featured on the new Cobra Starship song ‘Never Been In Love’, they made their own Remix. Check it out below or here if the player below isn’t working. What do you think about the Remix? Is it as good as the original?

Gabe attended the opening reception of Americana No Depression yesterday (October 15) in New York. He got photographed with Hunter Barnes and Todd DiCiurcio.

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Gabe Saporta — the mastermind behind the band Cobra Starship that brought you feel-good pop hits like “Good Girls Go Bad” — is finally back with more musical magic. The band recently released their new single “Never Been In Love” featuring Icona Pop, and it’s enough to make you start a dance party in your living room and never, ever stop moving.

Gabe recently stopped by BuzzFeed NYC to tell us all about his new music, and give you the perfect reaction GIFs for every important life moment.

1. Someone just complimented you on your style.

2. You just overheard someone singing one of your songs.

3. You just overheard someone singing one of your songs…WITH THE WRONG WORDS.

4. You just dropped your burrito.

5. You just sprayed yourself in the eye with cologne.